Bryan Miller has been in the building and master carpentry trade for 15 years, working on dozens of residential home remodeling projects and with general contractors like Sage, Arco, Iron Hill and Diablo Construction. He has also applied his master carpentry skills working with Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Masters team as seen on the Animal Planet cable station. Click here to see one of the treehouses Bryan worked on

What sets ECS apart from similar businesses is Bryan’s passion for the work. His attention to detail, durability, functionality and quality ensures every project delivers on the ECS promise: Build once. Build right.

“I’ve had the considerable benefit of learning my trade, over the course of many years, from truly stellar professionals. In my early years, I was taught both the right way, and the wrong way, on every aspect of building, carpentry and construction. It would not be until later in my professional process that I realized the value of these lessons. Once one knows how to do these things right - the first time - one can deliver optimum functionality with exceptional aesthetics. This is always my objective. It is what makes the work a joy for me.

Having the honor and fun of working with Pete Nelson and his Treehouse Masters crew, I was able to apply my years of master carpentry experience on some pretty creative and fantastic projects." 


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Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey