• Kitchen and bathroom remodels

  • Custom builds to client’s specifications

  • Remodel for open floor layout includes removing/relocating walls

  • Built-ins for cabinets and shelving

  • Improve home aesthetics by building hidden spaces for unsightly elements such as plumbing 

  • Reclaimed wood designs for walls, fireplaces, trim, accent walls, doors, bars, etc.

  • Finish basements

  • Investment property upgrades and remodels

“There is an incredibly rewarding and stimulating aspect to taking a blank space and assessing it against the client’s desired end result. Whether it’s installing a new bathroom, exploring ideas for a new kitchen, or taking an unfinished basement and turning it a functional, comfortable, fun and beautiful space, ECS does it all! 


Through my years of experience I enjoy offering more possibilities during the planning stages: what's needed, where should it go, what aspects can be multi-functional.  Most importantly, what can ECS create to fit the client's needs and lifestyle. This is where I find the greatest satisfaction in my work.


I work regularly with an assortment of skilled and experienced sub-contractors and specialists. This allows me to provide clients with complete estimates including things like plumbing, electrical, tiling, etc., as needed."


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Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey